Arid Flats

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Arid Flats is the second world in The End is Nigh. It is presumably a desert, populated by Kuko Jrs and Toasts, with dead trees, some light wind and heat waves. Some of the lower secret areas are flooded. The future equivalent of this world is Gloom, the world before is The End and the world after is Overflow. The theme for Arid Flats is a remix of Antonin Dvorak's New World Symphony.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Full map of the Arid Flats

Arid Flats contains one level with a Steven (Arid Flats 5), 20 regular levels levels (Arid Flats 1 - Arid Flats 20), 4 upper secret areas and 4 lower secret areas. The regular levels are arranged in a straight line.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Arid Flats has 7 NPCs:

•A skeleton in Arid Flats 1

•A Steven in Arid Flats 5, leading to a Future area containing the Denial cartridge, requiring 50 tumours to enter

•A skeleton in Arid Flats 6

•A black blob on the second screen of the secret in Arid Flats 6

•A skeleton in Arid Flats 7

•A white blob on the first screen of the secret in Arid Flats 12

•A white blob on the first screen of the secret in Arid Flats 17

Trivia[edit | edit source]

•The Arid Flats theme has the most variations of any theme in the game: The ingame Arid Flats version, the ingame Gloom version, the OST version and the unused Arid Flats version

•Internally, the Arid Flats levels are referred to as Arid Flats 0 - 19. It is unknown why this is. This is also true for Gloom.