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These are the Characters in The End is Nigh:

List of characters[edit | edit source]

Ash[edit | edit source]

Main character of the game.

Ash is a black blob with a missing right eye.

He has somewhat survived the first end of the world and has since been living in a damaged building in The End, playing video games on his console.

Ash is lonely, awkward, and, let's be fair here, almost completely insane mass of tumory flesh, who used to be a human before the apocalypse, as the Nevermore Ending suggests.

Some of the NPC dialogues and Ash's ability to play videogames on his console imply that his limbs aren't missing entirely, but are heavily deformed.

Friend[edit | edit source]

Parts of human corpses and a bomb core from the Machine, assembled by Ash into something that resembles an actual human being in order to escape the loneliness.

Assembling the Friend is the goal of the first part of the game. Ash must find the head in SS Exodus, the body in Golgotha, and the "heart" in the Machine, and place all three objects onto a hook in his house.

According to Ash, him and his Friend had a great time together after Ash made him, but after waking up the next day, Ash finds that the Friend is missing, and the world has gotten even worse.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

NPCs are various characters Ash can interact with in the game, by talking to them. When a conversation with an NPC is initiated, a dialogue box will appear above it and the player will be able to go through NPC's text.

There are different kinds of NPCs, visually, but almost all of them serve the same purpose, with Stevens being the exception.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Steven is both the main character of Time Fcuk, boss from The Binding of Isaac, and cameos in Aether. All 3 games are made by Edmund Mcmillen, the co-creator of The End is Nigh.
  • Isaac both appeared as the main character in The Binding of Isaac, and cameos in Aether.
  • Gish is both a boss from The Binding of Isaac, and the main character of the game of the same name, Gish.
  • Aether is one of the main 2 characters from the game of the same name, Aether.
  • Guppy was Edmund Mcmillen's cat, appears in The Binding of Isaac.