The End 3

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The End 3 is a level in The End Is Nigh. It's connected to The End 2 from the left, The End 4 from the right and a secret area from the bottom.

Screenshot of the level
"???" area below
"???" area below

Collectibles and secrets[edit | edit source]

To get the tumor simply jump into it. To get to the "???" areas jump from the ledge and smash the blocks next to the skull. Mega tumor is in the second one. To get it grab the second ledge and jump to the right.

Dialogs[edit | edit source]

The skull at the beggining of the level says:
"when i wasn't dead i used to hang on corners n stuff"
"just like. . . . . . hanging out "
"get it? "
". . . . . . please dont die"

Baby black blob in the "???" area says:
"ah ha! finally someone i can relate to!"
"us descenders gotta stick together ya know"
"its very important to become part of a group"
"that way you instantly know whos good and whos evil!"
"obviously we are the good ones and everyone else . ."
"seriously though think about it"
"if we are right everyone else has gotta be wrong"