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The End is Nigh cartridge is the first cartridge in the game. It can be played once in the intro, however dying in said intro will result in a cutscene where the cartridge breaks. It can then be recollected from Nevermore 15. The theme for The End is Nigh Cartridge is a remix of Wolfgang Mozart's Turkish March. There is also a glitched version of this song.

In the intro[edit | edit source]

On a new save file, the intro cutscene will be played. It begins with Ash streaming and playing the game. The cartridge is noticeably glitched and damaged, however not to the extent of a glitch cart. If the player dies in this cartridge in any way (including pressing the respawn key), the game will play beeping noises, freeze and display an error. This will cause the rest of the intro cutscene to play, with Ash attempting to get the cartridge working, before giving up. Should the player beat this cartridge in the intro, a special ending cutscene will play. Ash never breaks the game, so he never leaves his home. The credits will then play, and the player will be awarded with the Streaming Mini achievement.